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What we do

Development support


Our business skills and experience have been developed through extensive work with established and emerging artists and creative companies. We have provided strategic planning for large, national and multinational institutions, organisations and companies; as well as played a significant role in the planning and implementation of new projects for artists and smaller creative companies.


Our developmental services are bespoke and personalised. For all clients we begin with an Business check - appraisal of short, medium and long-term objectives. We analyse, review and using our knowledge, experience and judgement identify realistic solutions to key decisions. Once the optimum way forward has been agreed we put in place practical action plans and assist in their execution to bring about desired progress.


We have extensive experience of conducting research across the arts, heritage and creative industries and are highly proficient in qualitative, quantitative methodologies as well as observational techniques, desk and online research practices. We have a successful track record in delivering high impact research for strategic planning, audience and new product development, customer satisfaction studies and marketing strategies.


We have earned a reputation for producing project evaluations that enable clients to easily and accurately assess the impact, effectiveness and legacy of their projects or programmes. Our evaluation experience includes work undertaken for festivals, career development, leadership support programmes, and end of project assessments. .

Research & evaluation

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