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Research projects

We have undertaken the evaluation of South-East London's premier arts festival - DEPTFORD X for the past 3 years. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of perceptions, opinions, attitudes and experiences of this burgeoning festival from visitors, the local community, artists and partners and local businesses. We produce a detailed intrepretive report with implications and recommendations to the Festival's planners, delivery team and advisory board for future growth and development of DEPTFORD X.


Kuumba Youth Music 2012 – 13 Programme provided for the enhancement of musical ability, confidence and appropriate progression routes for young musicians. The Programme has also been devised to address the barriers young people from these background may face when pursuing classical music interests.Appointed to evaluate and fully assess the extent to which the aims and objectives of their current programme are being met. Furthermore, to establish the degree to which the expectations of the young participants, their parents and other stakeholders are being addressed.


The Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors is an innovative and ambitious project that teaches the advantages of Chinese Cuisine and Cooking to schools in the UK. Delivered over 12 months the project will support the professional development needs of teachers as well as provide knowledge and health related information to pupils.  Our works involves an independent analysis of the work in the manner in which it approaches and the extent to which it achieves it stated objectives.  The work is also to be used as evidence and a knowledge base for future development of the project

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A selection of  the research and evaluation projects and clients we have worked for.

Kuumba Youth Music

Deptford X, visual arts festival

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Ming-Ai (London) Institute