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We are supporting the production

of Paradigm Rhymes the brainchild

of young jazz saxophonist composer

Marcus Joseph with a script

co-written by Jazz singer and

songwriter Mellow Baku. Featuring

a crop of the UK’s finest young Jazz

musicians (Joe Armon-Jones, Keyboard,

Mark Trauson, Bass, David Williams Guitar and Eddie Hicks Drums); Mellow Baku provided spoken word narration and jazzy vocals. This inter-disciplinary piece will be performed as part of this year’s VALUT Festival 2015. Later in the year, the creative team is back together to work on an extended version of the work with Director, Steven Luckie. The show will be out on the road in Autumn Winter 2015/16


Community and Creativity in SE5


A bit of what's been happening in our world

DancingStrong light and successful

Paradigm Rhymes time


Congratulations to DancingStrong for ‘Light Steps’ a piece of work of tenderness and beauty. Light Steps Artist Director and Choreographer Adesola Akinleye, scenographer & designer Shelby Newport and three of DancingStrong’s professional dance company members worked with children aged 4-6 to explore and share an experimental creative

process. This resulted

in an exchange of

experiences (children

experiencing the

exploration of dance

and the work of Spencer

Finch while the Company

experientially discovers

what and how the children respond as the worked evolved).  Appreciation, connectivity and relevance of one art form as a means to experience, create, and engage with another form of art. The end result was a fully realized dance piece, created in a school environment as well as performed on site at the Turner Margate. Light Steps combines intricate and expressive choreography, subtle yet stunning costume design and an original score that was expansive in its simplicity. Audiences young and older left the performance enthralled by an elegant piece of work that defines childhood and the imagination.  


Pleased to announce our latest project as Community Consultant for the Minet Hub.  The Minet Hub is one in the network of Community Hubs in Lambeth, a Council initiative to have a network of cultural buildings owned and managed by local people. The Minet Hub emerged through a partnership set up to work for the regeneration of the Minet Library, Longfield Hall, and the long term sustainability of Myatt’s Fields Park Project, Minet Conservation Association and the Remakery.


Our key tasks involve developing and implementing a community engagement strategy for the Hub, identifying opportunities for initiatives that help build the Hub as a community resource. Overseeing a needs analysis and consultation exercise with local people feasibility

study for the long-term

sustainability of the

Library also fall within

our remit. Fortuneltly

I will be working with

a group of committed

passionate and able

highly Directors from

the Hub partner organisations and an engaged membership. Thus, I predict much progress and activity in the next 6 months.






Speaking of Mellow Baku, Higher

Sounds is the latest project by our

favorite and talented singer and

jazz vocalists, Mellow. Entitled

Higher Sounds, the piece replaces

the traditional Jazz ensemble with

electronic beats, live DJ, vocal

looping and minimal basslines.

Assisting in the elevation of the

sounds is Spoken Word artist Micheal ‘Sureshot’ Broome, saxophonist Marcus Joseph and DJ-turntablist Pychomatus. This higher sound is a spell-binding, 21st century interpretation of the jazz idiom that will take jazz to places it is seldom seen.

Higher and Higher

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